Zanzibar – tipy na výlety i ubytko

...sejdeme se v Zanzibaru... Kdy na Zanzibar jet? V podstatě skoro celoročně, kromě května, kdy je dešťová sezona a skoro pořád prší a navíc je dost míst i zavřených. V únoru je tady léto (Zanzibar je na jižní polokouli) a teploty tedy vyšší, než třeba v červenci či srpnu. U moře je ale fajn kdykoliv... Continue Reading →


Tasmania – practical guide for budget traveller

I love Tassie. It is my secret runaway from Sydney 😊 so here are few tips on how to enjoy it and not ruin your wallet. How to get there? There are flights from Sydney by JetStar around 100 AUD return, if you book in advance. Both in Launceston and Hobart you would need a... Continue Reading →

Back in Africa turns out that I am back in Africa. And back in Zanzibar 🙂 But less travel, more work this time. It is a very new experience for me. I am learning more about Africa, about the local people and foremost about myself. I won´t lie, it is not at all. It feels like... Continue Reading →

A glimpse of safari

I never knew I would be so much into it...but when you go to a laggon where hippos are cooling themselves and chilling and then an elephant just randomly hangs out in the backround, you can' t really help it.  

Zanzibar – magical Stone Town

...for about a year it was on my mind...or heart? That is wheer dreams sit, right? Just even the sound of it was so magical, so exotic, so appealing. And so, of course, when my friend asked, I didn´t hesitate. And it truly is a magical place, this island of spice, blue sea and a... Continue Reading →

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