CZech it OUT …:)


ŠÁRKA PECHOVÁ Middlesbrough/Prague As the holiday is approaching, you might be looking for a special place, where to spend it.

What about going to the Heart of Europe? Head to the Czech Republic!

Whoever you are, there is something for you in this country, ok, besides the sea.

You will probably land in Prague (as we don´t really have many other major airports). It is the capital and it is beautiful.  The centre is world famous for it´ s medieval atmosphere.

But if you really want to experience the atmosphere of this country, you should step a bit aside from the main tourist road.

And you will see a modern country with charming mixture of history, together with remains of communist era. So…ready? let´s goooooo!


1)      VISIT a castle. As a tourist, you will probably be directed to Karlštejn. Which is a lovely place, in deed. But do invest in a map and see, there are plenty, but really plenty of castles all around the country. Some of them are very old, just ruins, some of them are well kept.

To catch the proper atmosphere, I´d suggest visiting both. (And don´t forget to ask about the ghost, practically every castle has one)

2)      DO some sport. Why not to explore the countryside on wheels? Czech Republic is ideal for cycling. The hills are not too steep and the beautiful countryside is accessible for tourists. Most of the roads are public and the roads are well marked.

Cycling is a great way how to explore the country!

In the summer you MUST try canoeing. The Czechs love it and it is a great fun. Nowadays it is not a problem to hire a boat at any bigger river. Than just grab your friends and spend a couple of days or at least hours on the water.

Give it a try! Canoeing and kayaking is a great fun (and a perfect workout at the same time)

In the summer you MUST try canoeing. The Czechs love it and it is a great fun. Nowadays it is not a problem to hire a boat at any bigger river. Than just grab your friends and spend a couple of days or at least hours on the water.

3)      TASTE it! There are some absolutely yummy things, which you if you won´t taste, you have missed out a lot. So: Svíčková. This is a white sauce with pork and dumplings. Knedlo-zelo-vepřo – dumplings, sauerkraut and, guess what! Pork again. And of course there is Goulash….

Ladies, I am sorry, the cuisine is not really weight watchers oriented. But it is delicious. Make sure, that you have at least a small beer after your lunch., it helps with digestion.Ok, maybe leave the beer out  after the sweet fruit dumplings, which is another Czech must- try-at least-once speciality.

Well, apples are healthy, but trust me, there are many more interesting things to try in Czech

Of course, you can find many posh restaurants with food from all over the world, but this is typical. Oh and one more thing. DO try bread. Fresh. Get a slice and spread butter and a bit of salt on it. Mmm yummy!

And of course, the Cech beer is world famous and tasty.

4)     TRAVEL – the public transport is very cheap. For detailed informaion about all the lines visit

Worth visiting are the SPA towns at the western border And why not try the mountains?. The country is surrounded by them and “thanks” to the iron curtain, the nature there stayed practically untouched, as it was not accessible for the public.

The mountains are absolutely spectacular.(Šumava in winter)

5)      SEE it. Check the galleries. Many of the Czechs were very famous artist and very well known around the world. The most famous living photographer is probably Jan Saudek, but there are great artist out there, which names you might not have heard about, but their work is amazing.

6)      MAKE sure, that you come in the time when there is at least one festival. WE, Czech people love them. Practically every weekend in the summer and most of the weekends during the year there is something going on, it might be a small local festival of three bands playing. There are also different genres of music, but also theatre of alternative theatre festivals, especially during the summer, you will find something to interest you.

Oh yes, I really had fun there 🙂 (Afterparty at a film festival in Karlovy Vary)

Ready to go?

There are some things, that might surprise you as well, but not in a positive way. Many people don´t speak English, especially the older generation. (but with a dictionary and a polite behaviour you should manage).

A problem is, that sometimes double prices occur. Especially in Prague some of the restaurants ae not playing fair, with tourists.

When in a crowd, mind your pocket. As in every bigger city, there are pick pockers in Prague.

However the Czech Repulic is a part of the European union, the currency is not Euro, but Czech koruna.(1GBP=30Kč).

Enough advice, CZECH IT OUT…:)


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