Dance Marathon

April 20, 2010

Dance Marathon

ŠÁRKA PECHOVÁ/Middlesbrough A very first Dance Marathon was held at the Teesside University.

Dancers from The Step Up Dance Company have organized a unique event. A day full of dance, that was open to everyone.

“It was a great opportunity to learn different styles of dance, meet new people. I loved it,” said Nick, one of the attendants of the Marathon.

The aim of this event was to give the people a chance to get known to the society, try new dancing and have a great time.

“I was teaching here and it was a great event. I was only a bit disappointed,that not so many people turned up. We had advertisements, but I was hoping to see more new faces in here,” said one of the teachers, Anna Stark. “But it was a great day!” concluded Anna, who´s specialization is street dance.

The dancers are hoping to have a similar event coming up in May but this time, they are hoping to see more of  members of the local community amongst the dancers.

Watch the Dance Marathon here:


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