“Love It” new Click manager about his work

ŠÁRKA PECHOVÁ/Middlesbrough The Click Teesside, a favourite students´radio station at Teesside University had a new manager!

A fresher, Jake Mitchell is taking the position over Tom Harrison, who is leaving due to his new job.

However 18-year old Jake is new at the University, he is keen to keep up the high standard of the station set up by the previous manager, Tom Harrisson.

“Tom did a great job for the radio, setting up high quality which I would like to stick to. We won the silver award for the Best Student Chart Show in the UK, so obviously my plan is to reach the gold next year and also enter the competition in more categories,” explained Jake for the future plans of the radio.

As an experienced presenter and also a manager of the university football team he has a good chance to do so.
“Recently we got a great opportunity by CV fm radio, who gave us a space on the fm waves. So far we have mornings and evenings on, which is a great opportunity for us as a radio station and for the presenters as well.”

“So far our listeners were mainly students, and we love them. Now the audience is getting much wider, people from different backgrounds can listen to the station.”
Jake sees this as a great opportunity and a challenge for the radio.

“In future I would also like to get more volunteers involved with the radio,“ planned Jake Mitchel. “There is a plenty of opportunities in the radio, not only for presenters, but also for people who would be interested more in the “backstage”, such as finding music, or working on the website.

Talking about presenting, Jake is a busy presenter, on air three times per week, with different co presenters on different shows.
“ I really love it”, admitted Jake.

Jake is proud but still surprised about the new position and the fact that he won the tough competition and became the new manager of the radio station.
“I am not sure, why they have chosen me, there are many people who have been working for the radio much longer than I have”, said the new manager.

Well, he has three years from now on to prove, if he is the right person on the right place.
He will be working together with Dominic Dunn, who is a part of the management team.

“I am very excited about the new position and I hope, that our listeners will be satisfied with their radio station,” concluded Jake Mitchell.

Listen to HIM at http://www.clickteesside.com


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