Decided:SU has a new president!Lori is “the one”

ŠÁRKA PECHOVÁ/Middlesbrough

The students have voted for their new president and have decided, that they want Lori Wheatman to rule the Union in the next year.  Lori had a great support and had the vast majority of votes.

One of her promises, she gave to her supporters, was to change the Terrace Bar.  “At the moment it looks a bit worn off,” stated Lori, who is taking the position over Tommy Cawkwell and is planning to change and refresh the Terrace Bar, as “it is one of the most important places in the Union”, as Wheatman says.

And not only the Terrace bar, the new president of the Students union at the Teesside University wants to shake things up and she is dedicated to do so.

She also wants to enable students to enjoy the Uni life as much as possible and she believes that this could be achieved through the Students union.

Starting in July, Lori is now enjoying the “last days of freedom”  and finishing her degree.

To find out more I went to interview the winner of the election. Still very excited about her new role and the fact, that everyone recognizes her, Lori was very friendly and enthusiastic about her new position. “It is like a dream,” she said to me off-screen.

Watch here: to get known to your new president of the Students ´union.


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