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Are you fed up with all the burgers, chips and fast food, that you have been stuffing yourself since coming to the Uni after Christmas? Feel fat and tired and out of ideas what to prepare for the dinner today?

We are bringing you a great idea for simple and cheap but tasty and healthy dish.

We have asked the chief assistant from Terrace bar, your favourite lunch place at the campus, for an advice.

It is important to eat fresh food and a good quality. It has affect not only on your health, but your mood and your energy.

I come from Hungary and here we care very much about the food. It is not only to feed yourself, it is a social event at the same time, says Máté Majlinger.

There are some typical ingrediences, that we use in our cuisine. We use a lot of paprika and vegetables as well.

The recipe we will bring you is a simple everyday dish and it is one of the first dishes you learn to cook.

A typical Hungarian student meal, I would say.

So what is the “mana”, we want you to cook today?

It is called LECSÓ (pronounce lecho).

For a portion for four people you would need:

1/2kg tomatoes

1/2kg peppers – ideally the white ones, but since it is difficult to get them at this time in Middlesbrough, you could use other as well

4 eggs

1 onion

Oil, paprika, salt

Prepare: chop the tomatoes, onions. In a separate cup mix the eggs.

Chop the onions and fry them on oil. Take it off the fire and mix together with paprika (the spice) and salt.

Now add the chopped tomatoes and pepper and boil it under cover, approximately for 15 minutes on a small fire.

When the vegetables are already soft add the mixed eggs (when the pot is still on the fire) and stir it until the the eggs are properly cooked.

If you prefer, you can add a bit of sliced sausage at this point.

Serve with bread (or boiled potatoes) and wine.

And eat with friends, because as Hungarians say, many problems are solved when eating nice meal.

Jó étvágyat! (Enjoy your meal!)


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