Sir N.Winton celebrates 101th birthday!!

In this short post I would like to point out, that Sir Nicholas Wintos is celebrating amazing 101th anniversary. I am not sure , if it is appropriate to say happy birthday to such an incredible and brave person, but I would like to express my admiration for what he did.

This man, however his name might not be familiar to you is a great hero of 20th century. He has saved over lives 600 of  Jewish children from occupied Czechoslovakia.

What he did, was that  basically he put them on a train and send to the UK. Here he found new families for the kids. At that time it was not possible to send the whole families abroad, but the “children trains” got safely to the Uk. The children new homes..and well live.

Many of the saved children returned home after the war and found out,that their families were killed by the Nazis.

Here you can read an article of one of the saved children, Vera Gissingová:

She wrote a book about the whole experience, called Pearls of Childhood.

She is describing a touching story of a 10 year old girl, who had to leave her family, was homesick in the UK, blamed her parents for sending her away… and never meeting them again, because they died in the war. And appreciating, that the y did the maximum to save Vera and her older sister. (Warning: I was crying from circa page 10)


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