Hello from Singapore

So…destination next is Singapore. It is the most different place from sierra as I could have imagined…well the weather is quite similar but that´s about it.

it is so supermodern that it feels little bit like a visit to star trek 🙂

The backpackers hostel we a re staying in feels…hm well how to say it…. Everyone looks so super cool, here “army in batique T-shirts with a Lonely Planet as a bible” someone wrote somewhere and it totally fits, just that the batique t-shirts were exchanged for much cooler and fashipnable stuff plus it seems like red nailpoilsh for girls is a this season´s backpackers must.

“Give them one more chance said Phil, (who was totally ill btw. but no one bothered to ask whether we were ok).

So i did. And yesterday evening we spend with a can of beer and quite nice people on the verrandah.

And today we spend a totally funny day on a scooter tour, that felt totally like a propper school trip. 🙂

Ok, I have to go nearly dinner time and the food is the BEST BEST BEEEEEST thing here, so my dear readers I´ll let you know 🙂

btw. tempted, only tempted to try the frog….hm … let me see 🙂


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