What has Africa taught me (so far)

Wisdom No1. The fact, that a street is newly build (no more than 6 months old) doesn’t mean at all, that there is no need to rebuild it. There is in deed! (and cause hours of everlasting lovely thick jam (unfortunately traffic jam to be specific))

Wisdom No 2. That also doesn´t mean at all, that it is not full of deep potholes. (best way how to find them is to fall in them with a borrowed car in a full speed – ehm advisably not in the presence of the owner)

Wisdom No. 3 Stop complaining, that the shower is cold. Because, that in fact, is great news: it means there is running water! Also probably you are able to switch the shower on and off as you wish. And the last right bonus is the fact, that the water is not too desgustiong for you to actually shower in it. (and trust me, ot everybody here is so lucky!)

Wisdom No.4 To want electricity and running water at the same time is a pure greed.

Wisdom No 5. You know what, forget this one, it was a Czech joke,…which you might be saved from (thank to Phil, after not laughing to my superfunny – of course– jokes, he explais that they are not translatable.)

And that’ s all for tonight, folks.

Just a small language window: A universal saying, that covers most of your emotions (and can be said even in front of your African grandma – if you happen to have one) is Ey bo! If somebody happens to say this to you, the bounce back is: Bo yourself!

...smile from SL...

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