What to do with odd shoes – inspiration in Salone

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Press Release for the Dorothy Springer Trust

Odd yes, but not useless!

Over a hundred good quality shoes donated to single legged amputees

Šárka Pechová/ Freetown

Who would need odd shoes in Michigan, US? Probably nobody – but being born and having lived in Sierra Leone, Alhaji. H.A. Jawad knew there would be a use for the shoes – single legged amputees could wear them! And so instead of throwing them away, he shipped them to Freetown.

Thanks to this excellent idea, on Monday 16th January the former British High Commissioner Peter Penfold and the Dorothy Springer Trust, on behalf of  Mr. Jawad of the Family Kingdom Resort, officially donated the shoes to the Sierra Leonean Union for Disability Issues (SLUDI).

“I am sure here the shoes are in a right place and will find their way to those who need them most,” said Mr. Penfold. The single shoes will now be distributed amongst Sierra Leone´s amputees: the Amputee Football Team, the War Wounded and the Single Legged Amputees.

Peter Penfold and Dr. Abs Dumbuya with president of SLUDI,Mr Kabba F. Bangura

“We would like to thank Mr. Jawad for his excellent idea and effort to ship the shoes from America to Salone. Great thanks also goes to Mr. Kawas and Mr.Sharah., shoe sellers, who kindly donated the shoes,” concluded Peter Penfold when presenting five full bags containing a huge variety of footwear.

“I would like to express our gratitude and we will make sure that we make the best use of these shoes,” said Mr Kabba Franklin Bangura, president of SLUDI whilst overlooking the donation. “There are different sizes and styles so I am sure we will find something to suit everyone.”

He also added that luckily the children´s single shoes might stay untouched: “I am happy to say that we don´t have many single legged children in the country, and let´s pray it stays like this” added Mr. Bangura.

Odd shoes from US are going to help in Sierra Leone

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