New fashion? Skirts from slum rock this summer

One toilet for hundred people. Halfbroken staircase, that the disabled people have to crawl up and infected rats instead of pets.


Well, maybe, but for many disabled people in SL this is a daily reality.

They live at the edges of the society and some people are afraid of them, saying, that they are whiches.

(Read a story about a guy who was accused to be a which –

How come there is so many disabled people in Sierra Leone? Well, there is a lot of debilitating diseases such as polio. But there is also loads of victims of the brutal civil war.  (Read more about it here: )


Red T-shirt with a cool prints, a bit scratched but modern sunglasses. Momoh Sessay lives in a slum, but he makes sure to look his best.

“Not sure, what happened to me,” said the nineteen years old Momoh when I finally dared to ask him, what happened to his legs. They are weirdly twisted and Momoh faces real difficulty to walk.

“I was twelve years at that time and got sick. At that time we are living in a village, my parents didn´t have money to Freetown,” recalled Momoh. After his temperature dropped, he found out he couldn´t even sit up.

“The doctor told me, that I will never walk again,” shook his head the teenager. But he has a strong will. So he started to practice, to sit up at least in a wheelchair and he managed to walk with crutches.

Later he was even able to throw those away. “It was so painful,” remembered Momoh. But the nineteen years old is not bitter. ”Got wanted it for me,” accepted his destiny Momoh.

He then moved to Freetown to live with his uncle in Freetown, where he learned to be a tailor.

Now Momoh lives in one of the Freetown´s slums – House of Jesus. He is a joly character, always with a smile.

We can make great dresses, but we have no customers

In House of Jesus and the house in Ecowas street lives a lot of skilled tailors.

But I guess it is no surprise that the customers are in no rush to go to get their dress fitted in the slum.

one of the Freetown´s shantytowns

But still. You should see the dresses the Sierra Leonean ladies are wearing. So beautiful.  Even me, quite a jealous individual I had to point out to my boyfriend to check them out.

And we , in Czech are wearing so boring unisex clothes. Shame and fashion police on us!

Long story short. My new skirt – photo – Facebook – friends – friends friends´. And the result? Loads of people interested to get the skirts. Not only in Czech , my local friends and expats got their fashion fix as well.

Hre you can read my diary from the field:

Skirts from Sierra Leone are worn the world alover

So in the end skirts travelled to the US, to Columbia, to Canada, to Germany and many other countries…

ladies from alover the world wearing African skirts

“I love my skirt. I wanted to support the tailors but also to get something original, that nobody has,” said Jirina from a small village in Sumava mountains in Czech Republic.

The skirts are wraparound, which is great for summer, but also very practical. “I can put on or off as much as I want and it still fits,” confessed Jana, student from Prague.

Oh and I wear mine to work, so all the time I have my bit of Africa with me.

Tailor Momoh still makes skirts – he now got a place to sell them – in one of the hotels in Freetown.

Want to know more? (Czech language)

Skirt from Sierra Leone

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