Momoh…the incredible young man from House of Jesus

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Freetown, Sierra Leone – …I don´t even remember the day we met. It must have been four years ago now. Momoh was one of many disabled people, most of them polio and war victims, living in extremely poor conditions in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

...celebrating the Disability day - Freetown, Sierra Leone...
…celebrating the Disability day – Freetown, Sierra Leone…

I spoke to these guys, we spent many hours just talking about life, how they were doing…and word gave a word and this young tailor, called Momoh, started to make skirts (and later bags and trousers) for me, and my friends, and friends of friends…
It has been quite a while now, since I have visited him for the last time, but we are still in touch and via travelling people we are still getting skirts and bags to Europe. Momoh is so reliable – one phone – call and off he goes – to the market, back to the sewing machine and at the day when agreed, he is always ready. Even though House of Jesus – well – most of Freetown as I recall, struggles with energy supplies – he manages to get it done and deliver the skirts on time.


And today is THE day. A friend of mine is traveling back to Europe, so the amazing young tailor grasped his chance. However difficult (very, trust me) for him it is to walk, he went to a hotel, where he agreed to meet the traveller, he just called me to say, he´s done it!

Today he made enough money to pay his school fees for few months…or to feed his extended family for weeks.
I am so proud and happy I have met Momoh. Every now and then, when I moan over this and that, I remind myself of this young guy, who nearly died, but managed to survive. Who was kicked out of the house, as there “was no place for cripples and y parents had other kids to take care off”, has problems with walking as his legs never fully recovered and lives in a way, that would be considered the edge of society….well…however bad his starting points in life were, whenever I call, he smiles, sais “no problem” and on top of that he is a real pro – he works his butt off and does his job really well!

Ladies and gentleman….meat Momoh!

Momoh, 2012
Momoh, 2012


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