…humans of Rwanda…

…Moments like this….
this article is in English


She doesn’t have a mum or dad …apparently they left for a better life in Uganda. Maybe. She is not so sure. One day they just were gone. She now lives with her grandmother and other siblings in a small town at the Rwandan border with Congo.

However beautiful this town by the lake Kivu may be, life for the locals is tough. The tourist industry hasn’t started booming yet – and, despite its potential, God knows if it ever will – so the main source of income is trading in Congo. [caption id="attachment_1068" align="alignright" width="420"].... ….

The unrests make it much more difficult for the government there to control the traders and the tax paying, which makes it attractive for local traders. The locals told me that they would make more money walking ten kilometres across the border to sell milk there than they would make selling it in Rwanda. And so they walk every day. “But it is okay, we have a work,” a sixteen year old student told me.


Joyce’ s grandmother is getting old and weak, so she can’ t walk every day. She still manage to get by and send the children to school.
In the group of acrobats, Joyce is known as the Yoga girl. She is super flexible and when she performs, she leaves the audience speechless…but she also is a teenage girl with giggles, secret crushes, grumpy moods. Joyce loves attention of older people and seeks their company, she loves to talk, with her pretty good English she shares stories of her life, local gossips and few words in Kinyarwanda that he foreigners (us) must know.

I focused on working with the girls, because however strong they are and however inclusive Future Vision Acrobats are, I felt that a bit more of a female trainer would be a benefit for them. We could focus more on the graceful movements, using more flexibility and less strength… they loved it..and so did I. They are so elegant and learn so quickly.


One day I have noticed she has quite big breast and no bra. I have quite big boobs too, so I know training with them…well, they jump. It is quite uncomfortable, and it attracts more attention of the teenage boys than one may want. And really in her heat Joyce was still a kid…with a body of a young woman, which is a dangerous combination.

So after few girly whispers, giggles and talks we went to the market and got her a proper bra…and some undies as well, as she apparently had only two pairs. She was so …shy…and happy.
They were not costly at all, but yet for her grandma it was too much to afford. I am so grateful I was able to get them for her…to make this Yoga girl smile…and make her trainings a bit more comfortable 🙂 “One day I want to be a circus performer and travel to Kigali but even abroad to perform,” she told me.

Go girl!


P.s. read more about the wonderful Future Vision acrobats here: https://sarkapechova1.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/about-an-acrobat-with-golden-heart/


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