Down under & Upside down

I met this wonderful acro people. Obviously I was nervous, since everyone knew, what they were doing…and they were doing it really well!
And then there was me and I was just tired from work and lazy to even breathe, nonetheless move…Well, in the worst case I will just take a nap under a tree, I thought.
But these flying people were so nice and friendly, so I just started as well…and for the first time in my life I have managed to do a backwards walkover! They call it “breakthrough” – the day when you manage to overcome your fear. And trust me, this fear of going back, where you can’ t see much was there for quite a while. And so it happend, that on a sunny Saturday afternnon in a park in Australia, I have realized that if I can finally do a backwards walkover, there is nothing I couldn’ t actually do.

…ehm…and two days later I have sprained my ankle whilst running in the park…





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