Sunday smiles from Zanzibar

    I love taking photos of kids. Always so many smiles areund. This one is from my February visit to Zanzibar.


Beautiful Tanzania

Every moment , every glimpse in any direction was  a photo opportunity. I loved it.      

Zanzibar – magical Stone Town

...for about a year it was on my mind...or heart? That is wheer dreams sit, right? Just even the sound of it was so magical, so exotic, so appealing. And so, of course, when my friend asked, I didn´t hesitate. And it truly is a magical place, this island of spice, blue sea and a... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras,Sydney

    ...selling a bit of glittery love   showing a bit of glittery love ...anything for the               Listen to my live interview from the parade for SBS Czech

Field of Light at Uluru

I was in Fairy really 🙂   P.s. The guide tells you not to take photos and to enjoy...and he is actually tight. Photos can´t really transfer the magical atmosphere. And guess what?! Lights will stay at Uluru until December 2020.                 Field of Light at Uluru... Continue Reading →

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