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April 1, 2017

Miss Katia at her studio Skysirens in Sydney.




It is an amazing place where girls turn into women. I love being there, learning to dance and more importantly appreciate my body for what it CAN do rather bashing myself down for what I am not.

Why and how is she doing all of that?

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Martina is the same age as me. We both love dancing and we danced together in a dance group since we were kids. A year ago everything changed.
Doing a simple excercise Martina fell down. And never got up.
The energetic pretty blondie has been on a wheel chair ever since.

For somebody who loves to dance, trains many hours a day this would be the end of the world…or a new beginning. Martina has picked up all her strength and came back to spotlight only a year after her accident, creating choreographies for dancers and dancers with wheels.

It might sound easy as, but actually: every day, every training, every roll of a wheel is a big fight for her as after the accident she is quadruplegic, with a limited use of her hands.
She needs assistance as teh once strong and beautiful arms are now like a wings of a broken butterfly. Martina is not giving up though and uses them in such a innovative way, as well as her wheels and the fact that now she is different.

There are not that many inspirational, strong and brave people around us. But Martina is one of them and it is my honour to be part of her team.

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