How I met a Fairy

November 14, 2017




Pretty things II.

May 8, 2017

…many thanks to the gorgeous Sky Sirens of Sydney for posing.

And especially the owner, Katia Schwarz.


This is a little sneak peak series of the life in this sexy dance studio. This is how my teacehrs and classmates really are. And I love it. I love the feminine feel about it, I love the girly clothes and most of all the feeling after class.

You may have worked like a hero, look like a fighter, covered in bruises, but you woudl still be wearing a lipstick. Because that is what these chicks do…and it is so contageous.


beautiful Miss Katia

Beautiful Miss Katia

#Humans of Hibernian II.

August 9, 2016

“Dwarfs and ferries stop existing when people stopped believing in them..” …(a proverb I found written on a stone in Iceland). I didn’ t. the shadows...

…in the shadows…

"can I be free, if my parents weren' t"

“can I be free, if my parents weren’ t”




#Humans of the Hibernian

August 3, 2016

…living here is so random. Some days you just hate it for the smell of rats downstairs and the broken lift. Some days you love it for the interesting people you meet and the vibe this place has. Photos from a launch of a SUBVRT MAGAZINE. So many interesting, colorful people! ❤
Want to know more about the magazine? Listen here:









…and yes, I was there as well 🙂
and this is me

…Jenolan caves..

June 2, 2016

One day trip from Sydney….and totally worth it!
Leave Sydney in the morning and by lunch time, you will be there. There is also a hostel and hotel, if you want a sleepover. And the caves are just stunning!



The Fish Market

May 23, 2016

…although I have been living in Sydney for a year I have somehow missed this place. And hat’ s a shame, it is awsome! And really photogenic as well.







Location: The Hibernian, Sydney







Down under & Upside down

April 14, 2016

I met this wonderful acro people. Obviously I was nervous, since everyone knew, what they were doing…and they were doing it really well!
And then there was me and I was just tired from work and lazy to even breathe, nonetheless move…Well, in the worst case I will just take a nap under a tree, I thought.
But these flying people were so nice and friendly, so I just started as well…and for the first time in my life I have managed to do a backwards walkover! They call it “breakthrough” – the day when you manage to overcome your fear. And trust me, this fear of going back, where you can’ t see much was there for quite a while. And so it happend, that on a sunny Saturday afternnon in a park in Australia, I have realized that if I can finally do a backwards walkover, there is nothing I couldn’ t actually do.

…ehm…and two days later I have sprained my ankle whilst running in the park…





Randomly we looked up the cheap flights, one was to Launceston…so we googled it and there we go, two days later, I am in Tassie! And it is absolutely awsome!
Fresh air, mountains…everywhere mountains, friendly backpackers and cheap wine.

...happy to be on diamond island...nia crew for the day...


diamond island... the middle of nowhere...

Blue Mountains II.

September 23, 2015

I don´t really consider myself as a landscape photographer (at all, actually), but it is such a beautiful place that I had to capture it…here are some of the milions of photos 🙂


Three Sisters