Sky Sirens II.

...many thanks to the gorgeous Sky Sirens of Sydney for posing. And especially the owner, Katia Schwarz.   This is a little sneak peak series of the life in this sexy dance studio. This is how my teacehrs and classmates really are. And I love it. I love the feminine feel about it, I love... Continue Reading →


Sky Sirens

Miss Katia at her studio Skysirens in Sydney.       It is an amazing place where girls turn into women. I love being there, learning to dance and more importantly appreciate my body for what it CAN do rather bashing myself down for what I am not. Why and how is she doing all... Continue Reading →

Takže o surfování…..

WARNING: ANOTHER PAGE FROM MY DIARY...IN CZECH ON TOP OF THAT 🙂 Tak reklamy nelhaly. Prichazi sexy instruktor co nás bude učit. A nepřestává mi bejt sympatickej ani když se ofrní nad mým dotazem, či tam v tom moři (jsem opravena, že je to OCEÁN) budou žraloci – prej nebudou. Je mi sympatickej i potom,... Continue Reading →

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