Beautiful Tanzania

Every moment , every glimpse in any direction was  a photo opportunity. I loved it.      


My new friend in a slightly apocalyptic Maasai village

In Tanzania a big part of the people are Masais. At first I was so shy from them. They look so impressive in their traditional costumes that you see on TV, they are tall and beautiful. I think I was celebrity struck. But the reality of these people is more sad. It seemed that they... Continue Reading →

Val Paraiso…

...a place I would move to in a heartbeat. Some days you just need something pretty. Sweet. Real. So here it is. Graffiti from Val Paraiso, Chile. It is not my Art, but I love the feeling it brings.   We were here only for two nights, but it was like a hug. From a... Continue Reading →


I´ve never been in a propper desert before. I couldn´t even imagine, how desperate a place can feel. And despite all that, there are people living there! There is nothing but dust, yet you see people walking by the road, you see their little shelters and numerous, numerous posters. These photos are from a 50... Continue Reading →

Tasmania – my new love

Randomly we looked up the cheap flights, one was to we googled it and there we go, two days later, I am in Tassie! And it is absolutely awsome! Fresh air, mountains...everywhere mountains, friendly backpackers and cheap wine. nia

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