Beautiful Tanzania

Every moment , every glimpse in any direction was  a photo opportunity. I loved it.      


Sydney – my new home

It did take me a while to find peace with this buzzing city. But I did. It is stunning...and my home for a bit.        


I´ve never been in a propper desert before. I couldn´t even imagine, how desperate a place can feel. And despite all that, there are people living there! There is nothing but dust, yet you see people walking by the road, you see their little shelters and numerous, numerous posters. These photos are from a 50... Continue Reading →

Patagonia. My new love

This is not a one night stand (or "one holiday stand" by that matter). This is a love for life. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is just magical. I am having shivers just looking at the photos. So here is a little taste of our little afterchristmas adventure: ...getting to Torres del Paine, the main... Continue Reading →

…Jenolan caves..

One day trip from Sydney....and totally worth it! Leave Sydney in the morning and by lunch time, you will be there. There is also a hostel and hotel, if you want a sleepover. And the caves are just stunning!

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